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    Tangible Tracks started as an idea I had while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As a web developer, I felt desire to start a project that I could utilize my web development skills and my love or collecting and listening records.

    Admittedly I am a relatively new collector. I purchased a U-Turn Orbit Custom in bright orange and received the entire Radiohead collection from my wife as a birthday present. Needless to say, I was visiting my local record store on my lunch break and on the weekends picking up a wide range of albums. Why are all the fun hobbies expensive ones?

    As my record collection grew, I found it hard to not only find a specific record but also remember what I owed. Nice problem to have! Friends would ask what albums I owned, I would respond with, "a little this, a little that." I felt like if said I owned a bunch of Radiohead records, it would give them the idea I am single genre kind of collector, not true. I want people to recognize the whole range.

    Armed with the idea of the capability to share record collections, I started to plan out the Tangible Tracks website. I am well aware Discogs allows you to have an account and to share your record collection, but it's a market place first, and that's not the goal for this project.


    The first challenge was a fundamental one. I needed to get massive amounts of data about music artists and their album releases. For this project, I combined three public music databases from Discogs, MusicBrainz, and Cover Art Archive. This proved to be a mountain of a task, but what you see here is the result of the merging of three fantastic resources. You can search for an artist and browse their releases, including album artwork. This provided the foundation for the next phase, the development of a shareable record collections.

    How do I share my record collection? You can't share just yet. This is under development, but we hope to have something available as soon as humanly possible! Keeping checking back for updates.


    Do you need to find a records store? We now have a handy record store locator. Type in your city or zip to discover what's in the area.

    The process

    Taking a blend of data from Discogs, MusicBrainz and CoverArtArchive to create a searchable music library.